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Omron Body Fat AnalyizerProduct: Omron Body Fat Analyzer
Manufacturer: Omron
Review Author: Josh Parker
Review Date: March 16, 2011
Category: Health and Fitness
Rating: ***** 5 / 5

Omron Body Fat Analyzer Review

If you have been looking to update your bathroom scale, you may want to consider a scale that provides a lot more information than just your weight. The Omron Body Fat Analyzer is just that kind of item that may give you all of the information you need.

It is one thing to step on a scale and see a number (how much you weigh) but it can be quite disconcerting to see the percentage of body fat you currently carry around with you every day. You may have some idea already, but stepping onto a body fat scale will give you a much more accurate picture.

The Omron Body Fat Analyzer has a weight capacity up to 330 pounds in 0.2 pound increments, and the body fat percentage reads measurements from 5 percent right up to 60 percent, in 0.1 percent increments. This scale provides you with 7 different readings, including your body fat percentage, your BMI or body mass index (between 7 and 90 in 0.1 unit increments), visceral fat, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, body age, and your weight. The scale is designed for people between the ages of 10 and 79 years.

Omron Body Fat Analyzer

This scale has settings for four different users, but it should be noted that if you want to purchase a scale you can share with your children that the scale you purchase may be calibrated to an adult frame. Take a look at the manufacturer’s specifications if you are thinking of purchasing this scale and using it in a family capacity.

The 4 profiles are simple to set up. You will go through a series of categories and add the specific details for each person by tabbing through the arrow selections. A couple of the important specifications to be inputted are your height and your sex.

This scale runs on four AA batteries, which come with the unit. If you were to use the scale four times daily (one time per profile each day), the batteries should last about one year. It is pretty simple to change out the batteries, no tools are required. You simply push the tab down and the cover will pop off. Insert the batteries included with the scale and put the cover back in place and you are ready to roll.

Omron Body Fat Analyzer

This scale is about average size, 12.2 inches long x 11.8 inches wide x 2.1 inches high and weighs only 4.7 pounds, making it extremely portable. This scale features a very clear and simple to read digital display. Once you have completed inputting your personal information into your profile, make sure you select it and then step onto the scale. The display is easy to view, even without your glasses, and you will see three readings in quick succession. The first reading will be your weight, the next will be an estimated body fat percentage and the last will be your body mass index.

Of course, these readings are not completely accurate, but they are as close as you can get with home use, so you can get an idea of where you are on your fitness plan. If you need more accurate readings, your doctor can provide you with those. You can easily refer to the charts included with your scale to see where you fall in the population as far as your readings are concerned. When it comes to BMI, you can refer to that chart to see if you are within normal ranges.

Omron also provides a one year warranty, which is about average for most small appliances available these days. The scale is pretty accurate as far as scales available to the consumer go. The readings are consistent, and you can step off and on the scale several times and still receive the same readings, which cannot be said for many basic scales that cost much less. I, for one, do not want to step on the scale, see that I weigh 180 pounds, step off and step on again only to see I am 195 pounds!

The Omron body fat analyzer has some pretty high ratings amongst consumers who have left a review on sites such as . The people that leave reviews such as these have nothing to lose if they don’t like the product, so these are usually pretty accurate and unbiased reviews. Most that leave these reviews are prompted to give a review of a product after they have a chance to purchase it and try it out.

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