December 12, 2017

Josh Parker

Josh Parker

Internet Marketing/ Web Design

My name is Josh Parker, and I live in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

I come from a long line of machinist/tool & die makers.  I currently work for a Mold Making shop that is owned by my father.  However, a few years ago, our business was hit hard by the recession, and I needed to find other ways to make money.

The thought of working online appealed to me, so I began doing my research as to where I could actually learn how to accomplish this.  After a few months of being scammed, I found Wealthy Affiliate.  Once I became a member there I really started to learn about making money online.

Well, here we are over 2 years later.  Our family business has survived, and is doing well.  I have also enjoyed seeing success from some of my internet marketing campaigns as well, so I cannot complain.

My goal is to keep working and improving my internet marketing campaigns while maintaining my position with our machine shop.