December 12, 2017

About Us

So what makes Target Reviews different from all the other thousands of review pages found on the Internet? For starters:

  1. Target Reviews will purchase the product or service that is being reviewed. What a concept! We feel the only way to get an honest review is to have our own cold hard cash on the line.In some cases it may not be possible or practical to purchase a product or multiple models or versions. In these cases we will clearly disclose this to you and explain the basis for our review.
  2. Every review will result in a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. Please watch our site for additional information and an explanation of the meaning of various icons.
  3. In some cases we will provide links to the vendor’s page where you can purchase the product or service. If Target Reviews or it’s affilates receive commissions from a link to the vendor’s page, we will clearly disclose this to you.
  4. The Internet is plagued with hucksters, scam artists, and just plain crooks! Target Reviews will go out of it’s way to purchase products and services from these people so that we can fully expose:> Get rich quick schemes that only make the vendors and affiliates rich quickly by selling you old, worthless information.> Membership sites that are virtually impossible to cancel. The cancel button on the membership site was there to make you feel “safe” that you could cancel at anytime. The reality is the only way to stop them from charging your credit card is to shutdown your credit card!

    > Companies with support numbers that when you call them you get a “mailbox full” message. The support number was simply something to make you feel “safe” when you purchased from them.> Companies that use the unscrupulous “upsell” tactics AFTER they got your credit card information. Sure you can “opt out” of the upsell, IF you search the 10 pages hard enough to find the “No thanks” link.> Companies that offer you free trial versions of software but are in reality installing spyware, adware, or viruses on your computer! We’ll also let you in on our take on the spyware/adware problem and what we’re doing, and what you can do, to help put a stop to these criminals.

  5. For those who wish to be notified of reviews in specific areas of interest, we will offer a FREE subscription service. We promise to never share your name, email address, or any personally identifiable information you provide us with anyone – period! Watch our website for more details in coming weeks.

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