December 12, 2017

The Pros & Cons of the Omron Body Fat Analyzer

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The Pros (What we liked!)

* Up to nine people can use the same device, and it will store their information. All you have to do is assign a number to each individual – be sure to keep track of your personal number!

* The cost of the Omron Body Fat Analyzer is super affordable at less than $50.00.

* This device is highly portable (hand held) and easy to pack into your back pack or gym bag if you want to take it with you;

* You can an accurate and instant BMI assessment so that you can re-evaluate or adjust your exercise regime or diet.

* You can easily determine whether you are losing water weight, muscle mass or actual body fat by keeping track of your progress with the Omron Body Fat Analyzer.

* Keeping track of your progress daily helps you to maximize your efforts and to see even the smallest changes, which can encourage many people to continue on the path to great health.

Thumbs Down

The Cons (What we didn’t like!)

* If you are in pretty good shape or athletic (less than 15% body fat) then the Omron Body Fat Analyzer may not provide you with a very accurate reading.

* There is no scale associated with this device, but you need to enter a weight, so you have to ensure you use it in conjunction with an accurate scale to get the right weight measurement.

* You have to be consistent and check your measurement at the same time each day, so it has to be a convenient time when you will be able to do it. You can always set a reminder for yourself on your handheld device.

* Speaking of consistency, you have to be careful of the foods and beverages that you consume, because your results will be skewed by your intake, so you have to have a diet and exercise plan in place to get the best use out of this device.

There you have it.  These are some main pros and cons of the Omron Body Fat Analyzer.  You can read more information about this product at

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